Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Welcome to another fun page!

We now have the opportunity to turn your village pictures into Jigsaw Puzzles that you can share. Just send us a photo of your village, or something about villaging, and we'll do the rest (convert it to a jigsaw puzzle and post it on this special page to share with your friends, family and community). Include your name and what state or country you're from, because it's fun to share villaging from around the world. It's FREE.   Submission form is just below.

You don't have to submit a photo to play "Village Jigsaw".  Just click on any photo you want to solve, and you'll be transported to that puzzle page, then just "Click & Drag" to move the pieces to solve the puzzle. Oh, and did I mention . . .  IT'S FREE.   Here's a great way to take a quick break from work, and enjoy a little villaging. Or, get your favorite beverage, relax, and enjoy a "village" night off.

Here are two versions of the same puzzle photo that you can try, just click on the photo to see the difference the number of pieces will make. Also, you can solve them if you wish.

12 Pieces - Bill Channell - New Hampshire, USA


130 Pieces - Bill Channell - New Hampshire, USA

Helpful hints:  #1 Zoom in and out to get an overview.  #2 Go to/from Full Screen.  #3 Open the control panel for more options.  #4 A dot at the edge tells you which direction to look for a missing piece.

Helpful Tools in the Control Panel: #1 Click on the pin to keep the puzzle image visible without the panel.  #2 View of the full puzzle image.  #3 Number of puzzle pieces in the current version (fewer pieces means quicker/easier)  #4 Amount of completion on the current puzzle.  #5 Start/Restart.  #6 Select your choice of background color.  #7 Change the number of puzzle pieces for this version of the puzzle.

Special Thanks to the folks at "JIGIDI" for helping make this possible. You can find them on our "Forums & Links" page under the "Recommended Miscellaneous" section. It's not necessary to register with them, (it's free) but if you do, you'll be able to save your progress and work on them a bit at a time.

            Send in Your Photo for Jigsaw Here

OK, let's get started . . .

Click on any photo and let the games begin!

(Remember, You can change the number of pieces any time)

"Two Building Vignette"

54 Pieces - Kirby A - Iowa, USA

"Christmas Village Vignette with Foam"

35 pieces - Greta M -  Unknown

"Village on a Mantle"

40 pieces - Heather L - unknown

"All White Village Scene"

36 pieces - Eddie K - Germany

"The Waterfront"

77 pieces - Mary S - Unknown

"Dickens Village Print"

63 pieces - Bill Channell - New Hampshire, USA

"Village Vignette"

40 pieces - Tina K - Unknown


54 pieces - Caitlyn Grasso - Unknown

"Stairway Village Display"

63 pieces - Roger B - Texas, USA

"Peaceful Night in the Village - AI"

60 pieces -Mirela A - Unknown

"Sophia's Dance Academy"

48 Pieces - Wayne D - Florida, USA

"Scene From a Dickens Village"

24 Pieces - David Spears - Minnesota, USA

"Lionel B&O Tugboat"

35 Pieces - Railrunner - Unknown

"C. Fletcher Public House"

48 Pieces - Bill Channell - New Hampshire, USA

"Christmas Village Display"

35 Pieces - Herbert H - Germany

"TVC's Cover Photo"

36 Pieces - Bill Channell - New Hampshire, USA



"A Busy Day in the Village"

48 Pieces  -  Phil & Sue Adkins  -  England

. . .  and now our biggest challenge!

396 Pieces  -  Phil & Sue Adkins  -  England


"Horse & Hounds"

63 Pieces  -  Bill Channell  -  New Hampshire, USA



"Ghosts of Christmas Past"

48 Pieces  -  Bill Channell  -  New Hampshire, USA


"Santa's Canoe"

54 Pieces  -  David Spears  -  Minnesota, USA



"AI Christmas Village"

144 Pieces  -  Adam R  -   Massachusetts, USA


"North Pole"

35 Pieces  -  Linda B  -  New Hampshire, USA


"Old D56 Village Scene"

40 Pieces  -  Bill Channell  -  New Hampshire, USA



"Dickens Christmas Village Vignette"

48 Pieces  -  Bill Channell  - New Hampshire, USA


"Corner Tree Vignette"

35 Pieces  -  Bill Channell  -  New Hampshire, USA



"Coach is Coming"

77 Pieces  -  Bill Channell  -  New Hampshire, USA


"Trolley at the Village Zoo"

54 Pieces  -  Peppe Apuleo  -  Italy


"Christmas Village in 1919"

99 Pieces  -  From Vintage Villages on TVC



Submission Form is near the top of this page.