Tuesday, January 9, 2024

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Perry Como sing "Letters, We Get Letters".

(You may have to ask your grand parents who he is)

for your kind comments

Santa will put you on the NICE list.


Country Joe: (Moderator, O Gauge Forum ". . . you have a fabulous web site. All of our members and guests should check it out."


Ryan O: ". . . just wanted to say THANK YOU for the TVC. I especially appreciate it during the times of the year when I on break from my own village!"



Fabio: ". . . thank you for sharing my village, it's always a real pleasure for me to send you my creations."


CHIARA P: (translated) "Thank you very much for your attention to my village! I can send you pics when you will needs, if downloaded from my website photo gallery, that images will not be enough good quality for you. Only now I can see you put online also photos and video of my village 2022 on your great TVC website. Best regards and Merry Xmas!!"

Greg C: "Congrats, Bill! A (huge) job well done! You have made amazing strides in rebuilding and improving the Village Collector site. It looks wonderful."

Jay & Lori H: "Your website is awesome, and if nothing else, take joy in knowing you're sharing videos from all over the world to other Villagers who appreciate your efforts! . . . there are a multitude of viewers like me who wholeheartedly enjoy the friendly competition of the Hall of Fame, as well as the plethora of tips and tricks we Villagers can learn from viewing other videos and reading your articles. Thanks for everything you do!"


Flaviana G: "I became acquainted with the site by chance when months ago someone alerted me that an editorial contained a picture of one of my villages. I began to follow the site steadily and, just appreciating your work very much, in May I sent you photos to share, as indicated on the site. I am new among villagers, and driven by a real passion for Christmas villages . . . I can only be grateful to you for your valuable work . . . my great appreciation for your site, the work you do and the huge dedication with which you spend yourself on this initiative. Accept my best wishes and my regards."

Above here is from 2023.

Below here is from the end of 2022.

Roberta G: "Good morning, this is the video of my lemax 2022 village. I'm happy to show it to you and maybe dream of participating in your contest!"


David S: "'2022 Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Christmas with the In-Laws' - on TVC 'Breaking News.' Linda and I didn't realize you could sing (or dance) (or play the 'half base'). Very entertaining and fun!"


Scott M: "I love your site. Here are a couple of pics from my village. Thanks."


Cesare V: "Thanks a lot! I am very happy that you liked this my village. I saw the page of The Village Collector where my video is inserted . . . Merry Christmas and happy new year."


Phil & Sue: "Greetings Bill and the rest of the TVC community! I have put together a short video of the completed village to share . . . I'm very proud to be part of the TVC family and share our passion for villaging with anyone that will listen! Merry Christmas to all!"


Kathleen N: "Dearest friends in the 'Villager' community, I appreciate the opportunity to share my 2022 village with you, as a submission for the 2022 Hall of Fame. It's great to know there are many others who share this passion with me. Your website is inspiring and I hope to participate in years to come. Warmest wishes for a wonderful Christmas and prosperous New Year!"


Greg C: "Thanks for including my Spooky Town in your Halloween Videos . . . I open up my display to all the Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween night. This year, despite having a rainy evening, we had over 20 kids, plus their parents, come in to view the display-see attached. I made a second video of Halloween night . . . And I'm going through all the Halloween videos you have posted, I've gotten to watch 8 of them so far. They are excellent and very inspiring. I'm so encouraged to see so many getting involved in Halloween displays."


Linda B: "I LOVE this website! I have so many new ideas after seeing how creative some people are. It really puts me in the holiday spirit. Every year I tell myself my village will be up and finished by Thanksgiving, but it never happens until after. Perhaps this will be the year!!"


Caitlin: "Hello! I am a visitor to your site from Toronto, Canada. I would like to tell you how much I enjoy your website. It is such a nice refuge online where one can relax and enjoy wholesome humour and beautiful Christmas displays. I only have a few Christmas house displays which I inherited from my grandfather. My favourite is the church. I found your website through the "A Cozy Christmas" podcast which was a delight to listen to. . . . Thank you for all you do!"

We truly appreciate your support.

                      Bill & Kathy