Monday, January 1, 2024

Here at "The Village Collector" we like to keep the Christmas Spirit alive all year. Come to this page whenever you need a "Christmas Fix" and escape. To see everything on this page, it will take you almost four hours. We've listed the time for each item so you can plan your visits however you choose . . . all at once or a piece at a time.  Enjoy, and Merry Christmas.

Click on the "Bells" for our Christmas Greeting.

(Time: 1:45)

Click on the "Clock" to find out how

much time you have left to shop.

(Time: as long as you want)

Click on the "Coach" to see the very first

Snow Ball Fight ever recorded. Was it

ESPN? Or ABC's "Wide World of Sports?

It was 1890 !!!

(No, I wasn't born then, just seems like it)

(Time: 0:35)

Click on "Santa" to hear my favorite

version of my favorite Christmas Song.

(Time: 3:00)

Click on the "Sleigh" to see who's driving.

(Time: 2:56)

Of course it wouldn't seem like Christmas without

the real boss here (Mickey) gathering his friends

and giving us a Christmas greeting. Click on a

"Red Berry" and geready to be serenaded.

(Time: 1:40)

Click on his "Nose" to find out everything about Rudolph.

(Time: 51:40)

Click on the "Red Star" to see

Snoopy's Christmas Battle.

(Time: 3:05)

Click on the "Gold Ring" to see the first ever

"A Christmas Carol" movie. It was shown

only 40 years after Dickens died in

1910 !!!

(Time: 10:59)

Click on a "Chair" to see the first

"A Christmas Carol"

movie with sound, from 1935.

(Full Movie: 1:18:48)

Click on a "Nutcracker" to see the

Boston Ballet's Pastorale Variation of

"The Nutcracker"

(Time: 3:21)

Click on "Miss Piggy" to see the "12 Days of Christmas"

as only the Muppets can do.  All together now -

time for a sing-a-long.

(Time: 3:50)

Click on a "Top Hat" to see Andy Williams let

you know what time of the year it is. If you

don't know who Andy Williams is, it's OK

to ask your grand parents and then,

please . . . tell your friends.

(Time: 2:29)

OK, time to get your favorite beverage,

relax, click on the above picture, and think

happy villaging thoughts as you meditate.


Your cares are gone. Repeat as needed.

(Time: 5:08)

Now that you are relaxed, it's time for a

chuckle or two. Click on the "Ladder" to

see Donald Duck at his best.

(Time 7:15)

And . . . Finally . . .

Click on the "Red Ornament" to see some

Christmas Memories.

If you're too young to remember these

things, well, you can see what you missed.

(Time: 14:15)