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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Welcome to The Village Collector,

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Our goal is to create a safe haven, allowing an escape from the daily grind and pressures, while providing Inspiration, Information & Fun for fans of lit villages. No worries about outdated pages. There's always new things to find and explore. Look for the "Dickens Top Hat" at the top of each page, to see when that page was last updated.

To help provide peace-of-mind, the site is "certified safe for all ages". It's totally free, without ads, sponsors, or pop-up windows, and we do not sell anything. It does not require registration, passwords, fees or apps. Whether you're in a mega-bucks high rise in an exclusive neighborhood, or the poorest village in the poorest of countries, if you can get access to the internet, just "Click & Enjoy" for free. We try to make the site as visual as possible, to make it easier for our non-English speaking visitors to be entertained. To keep it convenient to reach us, there's a "Contact Us" button at the bottom of every page. If possible, please communicate in English, as I haven't figured out a translation app yet.

​Even though we don't collect any information on our visitors, we understand that some people during these times are concerned about such things, so we have now rebuilt our website and it is listed as a "Safe Site" by Bravenet. Also, we will not post, nor link to, any photos or videos on TicTok, Facebook or Meta. So, you and the whole family, can relax and explore over a hundred hours of constantly changing entertainment.  Please bookmark us, visit us often, and, of course . . . don't forget to tell your friends.

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"Just So You Know...."

by David Spears. Minnesota, USA

"Show Your Village to the World"

by Jim Peters, Kentucky, USA

"Phil& Sue's Christmas Village"

by Phil & Sue Adkins, England

"From Italy - Villaging in Europe"

by Peppe Apuleo, Italy

"Christmas Corner"

by Art Kilmer, Iowa, USA

"Tips & Trix"

by Mark Frendo, Pennsylvania, USA

"Larry Treadwell"

by Larry Treadwell, North Carolina, USA

"The Train Station"

by Brian Vaill, Maine, USA

"The Creation Station"

by Thea Haying, Ontario, Canada

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