MondayDecember 13, 2021





Usually, this is when we all have growing anticipation,

watching for the release date of Larry Treadwell's


However, not this year. Larry's in the middle of moving.

Anyone who's ever moved, understands why there'll

be no village creations from Larry this year.

So, while we can still look forward to next year,

we invite you to experience a journey into some

of Larry's past magical worlds of


available below.  ENJOY!




Click on the picture above to see this year's story.


‘Dickensville 2020’ update: “The recently concluded Christmas season was the

most successful yet for my little Dickens Christmas Village. The town mayor,

Henry Puddlewick, says that as of January 28, 2021 a whopping 8352 of you stopped

by to visit the timeless little town. As the Village Landlord, and town engineer, I want

to thank each of you who has stopped by to visit. I greatly appreciate you taking the

time to keep the tradition going. The village will remain on the web all year, so if you

are feeling a bit nostalgic during 2021, feel free to drop by again.

The Melancholy Tavern serves bangers and mash all year.

Warmest Regards, Larry Treadwell” 



A few notes from Larry -

"I start my Halloween village in early August with the plan of getting it done by October.  Tearing it down, putting it away and then reconstructing the village framework for Dickens and the the actual building always puts a strain on completion dates.  Then comes the photographing and writing.  Probably no one but my wife and a shut in friend actually know what goes into building the village.  BTW, this is not a complaint, I love doing it but I can't compromise my ideas and they take time.  I actually experiment with which building will look right in a particular spot based on how it lights up.  Sometimes I take a night or two to figure out which building goes into a particular spot.  I tried four different churches before settling on the right one for my monastery corner this year.  The five buildings behind St. Martin's Church were chosen for size, color, and the way they cast light onto the street.  Each building’s position in the display is determined by how the light from its windows plays into the overall look of the street, or fills a section and avoids dark holes.  In this year's village, Fagan's Hideaway was used to be the storage facility for the custom's house.  It sits in a dark corner because in the 19th century lights would not have been wasted on such a facility at night.  I've been to the British Royal Observatory at Greenwich.  It is a long tiring walk to get to it.  I want that feeling to be present in my village so there is a long climb built into the scene.  The feel of arriving at Greenwich, the walk  through the village, and then the climb, is all included in my display."





Click on the Chapel as we visit the 2018 episode of

"A Dickens Country Christmas"


Click the "Dock Scene Photo" above

for the 2017 edition



To Experience "A Dickens Christmas" just

click on the "Christmas Tree" for the 2016 Journey

or the "Christmas Carolers" for the 2014 Journey











As it does every year on the last day of September, the light of the setting

sun strikes the tower of Hauntsville's old Lighthouse.  This magical light

brings to life the many spooky residents of the little village of Hauntsville.


For the next month the resident ghost, goblins, witches, wizards and

other creatures of the night will be out and about.  Stop by for a 

visit to see what is happening in Hauntsville for 2020.


Click on the photo below for

Hauntsville 2020

You just might be in for a special Treat, but be sure that the residents

do not play any Tricks on you.






Click on the Witch and let's go to

"Hauntsville 2019"



To Journey to "Hauntsville 2017"

all you have to do is CLICK

on the PHOTO above.



To Journey to the 2016 "Hauntsville" just

CLICK on the Tree Stump above.

If you want to, you can click your heels three times

and say "There's No Place Like Home."

It won't do anything, but it's fun to do.