September 23, 2020






(and we can't wait)

Hauntsville 2020

Direct from Larry - Another Sneak Peek

"Here's a bit of refreshment. If you want

some fresh Apple Cider, be sure to

stop by the Chapman country store."

Anticipation is Mounting!




The Cave of the Dragons, located at the end of Captain Morgan's Inlet.

By looking carefully, you should be able to see the newest additions

to Hauntsville, as two new babies have just hatched. 






This shows Cajan Joe poling his Johnboat through the marsh

in search of dinner. He was planning on turtle soup, but it

looks like a gator may get his dinner before he does.



Boney George is sitting in his boat waiting for the tide.

The old rotting pier is in the background.


Below: The layout plan for the Mortuary, Church and Cemetery.



And More   An - Tiss - Ah - Pay - Shun



According to the latest news from Larry:

"I have been busy carving what will become HAUNTSVILLE."

Above is " . . . part of what will be an inlet for the lighthouse

and pirate ship. There is a cliff wall with staircase leading to

the dragon lair and at the base is a cave."


Below is ". . . a dragon paw with claws that holds a witch's house.

The dragon paw took three plus hours to carve."

WOW! This looks Awesome.

I can't wait to see what this Master Villager comes up with THIS year.

Check here often, and be sure to tell your friends.

You definitely don't want to miss this one!








Click on the Witch and let's go to

"Hauntsville 2019"



To Journey to "Hauntsville 2017"

all you have to do is CLICK

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To Journey to the 2016 "Hauntsville" just

CLICK on the Tree Stump above.

If you want to, you can click your heels three times

and say "There's No Place Like Home."

It won't do anything, but it's fun to do.











Click on the Chapel as we visit the 2018 episode of

"A Dickens Country Christmas"


Click the "Dock Scene Photo" above

for the 2017 edition



To Experience "A Dickens Christmas" just

click on the "Christmas Tree" for the 2016 Journey

or the "Christmas Carolers" for the 2014 Journey