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And the new "Village Videos" have arrived!

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As of 1:12 pm,ET, Friday, July 10, 2020

we have been visited  124,339  Times

by  87,310  Unique Villagers from

128  Countries.





Elves are even crossing the dreaded Belmontian Gorge to get ready for

Christmas in July

All you have to do is just "Show Up"


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We'll start the week with the arrival of the Epping Coach.

That means it's time to check out all that's new on

"The Weekly" page.  Every category will be highlighting

special items, chosen in the "Christmas in July" spirit.




And Tuesday, the spirit of "Christmas in July" continues

with a totally new "Fun Stuff" page.  All new cartoons,

puzzles, and more choices to color in the popular section -

"Coloring Time"

Gather everyone together for more family fun.




As the saying goes - TBA Wednesday.

Our Biggest Announcement Ever!

You'll just have to wait and see.

On Wednesday Afternoon, Just Click

on This Snowy Scene for a Special

Surprise Announcement!




Of Course, it wouldn't feel like Christmas without something

new on the "Christmas"  page. It's very hard to experience

everything on this page and not come away feeling good -

in the Christmas spirit.


Plus, we've dubbed this a "Stocking Stuffer Thursday" by

adding new desktop photos to (where else but)

the "Desktop Photos" page.


But Wait, As the saying goes - There's More!

We'll even include a new "How To" tip for

working on your village. You'll find this on

the "Tips & Tricks" page.




Now, it's time for more (cue the fanfare)

"Inspiration, Information & Fun"

Friday brings all new Village Videos to your screen. Tune in

and watch other villagers share their "Miniature Lit Villages"

passion. Real People, Real Villages, Real Fun. Get the

popcorn and your favorite beverage, settle in, and click

on the "Village Videos" page. This week will a feature a very

special "Editor"s Choice" that includes an extra, four part

"How It Was Done" series.   AWESOME!

To quote Russell Crowe, "Are you not entertained?"




Ah, the weekend, but there's still more to do, because it's

Contributor's Day

celebrating the great additions of special villaging fun 

that Larry and David bring to The Village Collector.


Re-visit (or relish the discovery of) the amazing, creative

mind and villaging skills of Larry Treadwell.  Escape into all

four of the yearly episodes of "A Dickens Christmas" to

keep the party rolling.


Plus, for those who enjoy a family-friendly, spooky, fun tale

in a Halloween Village setting, experience Larry's genius here

as well. You can explore three yearly episodes of "Hauntsville".


Find all this on our "Larry Treadwell" page.


And to cap off our "Christmas in July" celebration, check

out the updates, discoveries and musings of our popular

David Spears. The years of collecting and villaging experience

give David and his wife Linda, a unique perspective, as they

continue to find ways to use the little treasures and items they

discover during their travels. Your Village/Display will thank

you for it. To find all this, just click

on our "Just So You Know . . . ."  page.




Relax and re-live it all, and explore the rest of the website.

Be sure to check back often. There's always something

new here. "The Weekly" changes every Monday, and

the "Village Videos" are all new every Friday.  Plus there's

plenty of unexpected "Inspiration, Information & Fun"

appearing all the time.


Villaging is Always Fun Here!





- A World Wide Village -

We keep talking about how many countries that villagers have

visited from. We are very grateful, but also very surprised at how

popular lit villages are all over the world. Also, I never knew

how many types of lit villages there are. Many can be seen on

the "Village Photos" page.


I thought you might be as amazed as I was, if you actually see

where our community extends to. During these trying times,

sharing is even more important. Thank You All, So Very Much.

We Truly Are ONE Community.


You can keep track of all the countries of our community

at the bottom of the "Home" page.


This Just In - Country #128 - WELCOME!



. . .  and our Newest Collector - Welcome!







"The Weekly" Coach Has Arrived

(The Coach Arrives Every Monday to "The Weekly" Page)

The July 6th Weekly Coach Has Arrived.

Find out what this is all about - The Fun of Collecting






I want to go here - NOW

Where is it?

Find Out On

"Just So You Know . . . ."

The "June 22, 2020 Episode" Has Been Posted






The Newest  "Village Videos"  Are Posted!

Every Friday - Check them out

The July 3rd videos are in










Meanwhile, Don't Get Wet!