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The last Village Videos eligible to be included in

the nominations for the 2021 Hall of Fame voting

will be included in the December postings. Links to

videos received after that will be eligible for 2022.

Look through your back files. Any year is eligible!

Please send us a link to your video soon.


Well, Guess some ideas work better than others.

Seems not as many people liked the "Village Cafe"

idea as I hoped would. So that page will morph into

something else, in the not-too-distant future. I just

need to see if any of the pending projects might fit

with the graphics. I really like them.


If you like to laugh -

There are two places just for you! There's a large number of

cartoons at the end of the "Coach is Here" page, and the

"Just For Laughs" section of the "Fun Stuff" page. Plus,

they change regularly. Check 'em out - bet you'll smile.




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Some of the Changes, Just Since

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

"The Train Station"

(New Column Added)


"Village Videos"

(All New - Our Most Ever)



(All New Page)


"Fun Stuff"

(All New Page)


"Just So You Know"

(New Column Added)


"The ClubHouse"

(New QCV Newsletter)


"Welcome to TVC"

(Updates & Corrections)


"Jim Peters"

(New Column Added)







As of 1:43 am, ET, Wednesday, September 15, 2021

we have been visited  207,453 Times

by  135,698 Unique Villagers from

181  Countries.


How Many Countries Are There?

Click on the map below to find out.


Our Newest Country  -  #181 !!!


A few (but not all) of our newest

Unique Visitors

since Sept. 1st. The times shown are not current.

They're just when I noticed them and captured the image.




TVC's Three Christmas Gnomes.

What a coincidence their names match our tagline.

Who'd a-thunk it?


Just noticed (Monday, August 30th) that we're back

on top of the Google list again. Resident Evil had

dropped us, Dept. 56, and Lemax, out of the top 10.

Guess even Resident Evil isn't a match for the start

of the "bers" - Let the Games Begin.

The number one independent website for Villagers.

"It's not a business - it's a passion!"

Thank You, Thank You!


Here's a fun look back to 2018

when we first made the top of the list





- an interesting statistic - at least to some -

our current top countries

(for number of Villagers who have visited us)

UPDATED: Monday, August 30th

Here's the top 15 of 181 countries that have visited so far.

It's fun to see that villaging is a global passion.


Thank You All, For Telling Your Friends !!!








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"Coach is Here!"


Friday, August 6, 2021




Tuesday, September 7, 2021




"Hear Ye, Hear Ye. 

The Village Videos Are Now Available!"

Wednesday, September 15, 2021




Tuesday, August 31, 2021




Friday, July 9, 2021





Monday, August 30, 2021






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Friday, July 9, 2021




Monday, August 30, 2021




"Calling All Villagers  -  Be it known that

there are things you should know, and

places you should know about.

That knowledge is available for you here!"

Friday, July 9, 2021





Wednesday, September 1, 2021







July 9, 2021





This was Fun! TVC's first interview on a BLOG!



. . . and here's our second attempt, even more fun.



. . . and here's our third!  Thanks so much, Art.



All you have to do is Click on each one and Listen

Have Fun!





Information about the Date & Location of

VillageFest 2022









Meanwhile, Don't Get Wet!