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Whether you put a couple of lit houses around your Christmas tree, create a small village once a year, or have a full-blown metropolis of over 100 buildings on display all year long, the passions of collecting shine brightly, from the glowing windows of these unique structures.



Most people collect something.  Those of us who enjoy "villaging," revel in the typical joys of collecting, plus, so much more. The satisfaction of watching others experience our display efforts, or the euphoria in finding that one special piece you've been searching for, just add to the fun.



Besides the rush of the collecting endorphins, this endeavor can also provide more holiday cheer, the comfort of "home," the pride of tradition, and/or the appreciation of participating in a popular art form.



Since cavemen first scratched images on their walls, the desire for creative outlets, and sharing the results, has been a powerful need. For most of us, the drug-of-choice to fill that need, comes from the company Department 56 or Lemax. We can appreciate the dozens of other companies, but the popularity of these two producers, makes it easier to find other like-minded villagers to share our passion.



This website is an effort to help promote and share our fun with villagers, and potential villagers, everywhere. My wife and I hope you'll share your thoughts, photos, tips, discoveries and more with us, to keep improving this site, within our limited budget. 


Please tell your friends, and check back often. The more visitors we have, the higher up the search engines our listing gets. That makes it easier for web surfers to find us.   ENJOY!



Happy Villaging  -  Bill & Kathy

Your comments, thoughts, photos and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.  Your participation is needed, and  encouraged.  It's why we say:

"It Takes a Village to Make a Village" TM


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