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November 3, 2017




Once there was a time where you got all dressed up and had to leave home to vote. Well, now, you don't have to do any of that. Right from the comfort of your home, dressed the way that no one should see you, you can now vote for the Inaugural Induction Nominees to the Village Video Hall of Fame.  The voting booth is open HERE and you can even vote every day that it's open. So do your duty, contribute to our community, honor the best, and VOTE.

It used to be a LOT harder to vote  -  But..."That was then . . ."




Back in the day, this was scary!

Today, people ask, "Where's the blood and zombies?"

"And while you're here, gimmee my Glutten-Free, Gender-Neutral,

Politically Correct, Sugar-Free, Low Sodium, All Natural,

Certified Organic Treat."  I don't know which is scarier, the zombies or the food.

I always liked just getting a candy bar, but  ... "That was then . . ."






Just finished reading "Collecting Department 56" for the gazillionth time. It's an easy read and I always find things I've forgotten. I got my copy in 1996 and it's amazing how much has changed, but more amazing, is how much hasn't changed. Those who have been collecting a while might want to see if they still have their copy, and glance through it.  It's a neat way to start the juices flowing as we anticipate the heart of "Collecting Season" again. For newer Villagers the book can be found on eBay or Amazon, as well as other places. There's a pretty cool "Trivia" section in the back, which would be great for clubs to have a "Trivia Night." 

It sure is fun to dig through the past involving anything that you celebrate. Lit Villages are no exception. To quote the authors, Peter & Jeanne George:

"It is often said that the collectors you meet along the way are the best thing about collecting. We know this to be true."

Some truths are still self-evident  . . .  But, "That Was Then . . ."





But, of course  "That Was Then . . . "




This 1928 photo features your basic "Village Starter Set, Trees Included." If you enlarge this photo, you'll notice live fish in the pool! Amazing, most village trees still look the same after all these years.


This 1920 photo (almost 100 years ago) was captioned:

"Mrs. A.M. Keen Christmas Tree, Washington, DC."

I call it "Department Six" If you drag this picture to your desktop and enlarge it, you'll see some incredible "Villaging" here - absolutely amazing detail!  Right down to the power wires on the "telephone" poles. The photo has plenty of resolution and will enlarge a LOT!  I wish I could have seen it in glorious color. Totally Awesome!  And, WOW, they sure liked scrawny trees back then. We definitely have a different taste in Christmas Trees now . . .

But,   "That Was Then . . ." 




This is an example of a Christmas card from well over a

hundred years ago. Notice the start of "villages" under the

tree. I doubt it was lit, they had no place to plug it in.

Of course, we have electricity now, but,

"That Was Then . . ."




There was a time when a "Village Phone Book" was published. It listed every dealer's address, phone number, and FAX number (remember them? Do you remember what FAX stood for?) It even rated store displays, had club recommendations, and much more. As I look through my 1995, Second Edition, I'm amazed that there were over 4000 D56 retailers. I recall Weekends where Kathy and I would take trips, just to see how many dealers we could check off. I'll bet some of you did as well. It also listed 164 D56 clubs. I'd wager there's only a couple of dozen actually active and functioning now.  The National Council of "56" Clubs (NCC) had 213 listings in their March 22, 1998 directory. (Including the club that Kathy and I started. That, like many others, is long a part of history) WOW!   But, "That Was Then . . ."



How many publications do you remember?

These are some of the ones I used to receive.

(I only remember these because I still have them)

What can you add to the list?

Department 56 "Quarterly"

Department 56 "Fifty-Six"

"The Village Chronicle"

"Village D-Lights"

"Villages Classified"

"Creative Village Display"

"Dickens' Exchange"

"The Cottage Locator"

"Village Pride"

"56 Directions"

"Martha's Exchange Service"

"New England Collectibles Exchange"

"Roger's Collectors' Marketplace"

"Village Collectors"

"Village Seasons"

"The Village Press"

(plus bunches of newsletters)

MY, HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED, but  "That Was Then . . ."





In the beginning there was light -

and Ed Bazinet stuck it in a building!


In 1992, Jack Skeels turned an umbrella

into an organization !


Also, Do You Remember These?

Does all this make sense to you?

If so, then read on -

We are looking for someone to write about Village Collecting the way it used to be. Think that could be you? Contact us now - before you change your mind - and before you forget .







Just another example of: