November 29, 2022


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Remember -  "It takes a Village to make a Village"




This month's featured photograph is from the club project at

the Cathedral of St. Bavo in Haarlem, Netherlands by the

"De Kerstdorp Club" submitted by Jan Kol. I love the look

of happiness on the visitor's face as she looks over one of

the club's displays. This is a hundred stories in one picture.




An awesome photo from one of Peppe Apuleo's villages.

I want to walk down this street. Thanks for sharing it.



I love this photo captured by the Lamplighters Club of Quebec's President,

Linda Di Tomasso, during the club's 2021 House Tour, at the home of

Ginette Either & Jacques Leveille.  Makes me want to say "Coach is Here!"


David Spears' House 2020. Awesome display with great background.

You can see more from David on his page "Just So You Know...."



Haunting with Class

A scary look, deep inside the Spooky Display of

Village Video Hall of Fame Inductee, Greg Cassidy.



Ahh, I love a story that brings a photograph to life.

As Village Video Hall of Fame Inductee, Jay Haack,

(Soaring Hawk EO) explains:

"A shot of Ebenezer Scrooge leaving his counting house in

the cold, dark night, on his way to the Melancholy Tavern for

a bite to eat before retiring to his apartment on Christmas Eve."



Here's a neat shot from our own Thea Heyink of the

Creation Station. This is what makes Villaging Fantasies

fun. I want to walk over that romantic bridge!



There's just something special about a Lit Village,

especially when it's a Dickens Display, that really is

an endorphin raising phenomenon with me. I love

Brian E.'s photo from Iowa, USA. Thanks for sharing.


Wood buildings are finally starting to be seen more

in the United States, but are already very popular

around the world. DIY can add heart to your display.


To me, a train seems to complete any village.

Awesome photo! Thanks for sharing.


Unique bases always inspire ideas. I love the cave and

waterfall. Well done! After seeing this, I'm sure that a lot

of villagers here will have a cave in their next displays.


Sometimes it only takes a couple of buildings to make

a delightful village display. Here are two examples of

"Villaging Fun" in a fun setting. We love seeing

displays like these, bringing Christmas home.


WOW! Villaging at its best, from WintersElf of our forum.

She wrote: "... me, Mom and my daughter just painted

our first village pieces together ... mine is the Toy Shop,

Caties is the middle house and Mom's is the Bakery." 

And so it begins . . .



MMC Forum's e_xander's wife shares their village with her granddaughter.

"Another villager has been born."    Thanks for sharing!



According to Phil Adkins: "I'm afraid it's changing from

a hobby to an obsession!"  We know the feeling.

Thanks for sharing your passion with us.



I love the effort, time and care that went into this

beautiful village photo by fellow MMC Forum member,

"Petronius" from Ohio, USA. Study and enjoy!



This neat village building was hand painted by

MMC Forum member "Art the Bookworm" and is

part of his "personal touch" Christmas. Love it!




What an AWESOME picture!  This is from the Dickens Display at the

Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum, in Sunnyvale, CaliforniaWell done.

What a great addition to any museum to draw visitors to share their information. 



Beautiful display by Drew S. from Ayden, North Carolina.

I feel like strolling down the snow covered avenue.



This is a beautiful example of a laser-cut wooden village from

Fairy Light UK.  Very popular in Europe.



An awesome scene from one of the many displays by our own David Spears.

Be sure to read his "Just so you know!" page here on The Village Collector.



Just Cardboard and Glitter! Amazing village photo from Klaas R. in Netherlands.

Beautiful! I love to see collections from around the world. Thanks for sharing.




This is a handmade cardboard village.  While not as common in the states as they

used to be, they are still very popular around the world.



This neat photo comes from Linda B. of The 56 Club in New Hampshire. Her passion is

D56 North Pole. I love her multi-level display. Thanks for sharing. I love it when photos

like this just show up in my email. What a great community!



It seems that a popular village in Europe is by Erzgebirge. This is new to me,

but I found this example. Very beautiful!



 WOW - Totally Awesome Display.  Wonder where they put the furniture?



I just love street views of villages. This gorgeous layout covers the entire length of

her dining room buffet table. Well done Connie E. from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.



OK - Where's YOUR Village Photo?

Share your Passion - it's Fun to see your efforts Here!




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