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October 18, 2021


Episode #2  -  October 16, 2021


Having got the base sorted, we are now thinking about what goes where.

This is a big conversation/discussion. It started weeks ago and continues

on a daily basis. We think back to last year and what we want to change.

The problem we now have is an ever growing collection and limited display

space. Our solution is more height, a kind of double decker approach. My DIY

abilities are limited so it’s not going to be an easy option. The simplest

way was a kind of table type construction. 



At this time the railway track is put down. I love trains, Sue not so much!

This is an ongoing battle as I explain how important the expansion of the

railways was to commerce and tourism and our village mustn’t miss out

on that opportunity! 


Reluctantly she agrees to a perimeter track layout as opposed to a

smaller central loop. ( I’m quite pleased with myself at this outcome and

decide not to mention yet plans for an extended tram (trolley line!)


On laying out the track it seems I am several pieces short to join the loop.

Onto the computer, two pieces of track seem very expensive!

(£3.49… not sure how that compares in dollars?)


Anyway a minimum order quantity to qualify for free postage gives me

a chance of redemption! I ask Sue if there is anything else she likes.

Well, when she saw “Sue’s Beads and Bangles” jewellery shop

I was forgiven! 


Another addition this year is the pre-formed mountain top. We bought

this a few years ago but have never used it. I’m not too keen as I prefer

the home made approach. We tend to use a lot of

polystyrene in our scenery builds. 



Hopefully it will grow on me! 

It gave us an excuse to place the first few buildings out. 



This is when the house gets a bit messy as all our village stuff is

hauled down from the attic to be sorted through!








Welcome everyone to our Christmas village for 2021!


Well as you can see, there is no actual village as yet!


I am Phil Adkins and with my wife Sue, here in Northampton, England, each year we like to create our Christmas village, for our enjoyment and hopefully anyone who comes to see it.


We started many years ago with a miniature table top set, progressing slowly at first with an extra piece each year. As time went on, and especially in recent years the village has grown in size and now is a major undertaking!


I must stress that this is a joint project, we do it together, and consequently many discussions have to take place, compromise has to happen or we get nowhere!


Even before we get anything started, the village location has to be decided. We don’t live in a mansion with spare rooms but a modest “semi-detached “ town house. Any space given to the village will impact our daily living routine for the next three months!


A big part of the fun for us is the challenge of a new design and layout so we do not look to repeat last years effort. Two years ago we used the conservatory but last year, a few new pieces meant taking it into the dining room!


I must tell you, neither of us are DIY experts, I have limited tools and even less knowledge how to use them! Sometimes screwing a nail in straight is a challenge. Therefore this is in no way meant to be an instructional exercise! We make things up as we go, not sure if the expression “bodge it” is widely used around the world! 


Our first major challenge was to construct something to hold a

backdrop. Last year we used those sticky wall things that are

supposed to leave no marks on removal. We now have

a red wall with a chunk of paint missing!


We visited a local textile clearance shop and bought some

night sky looking fabric for £1 a metre.


Our base isn’t fancy wooden trestles but the

dining table and cupboard unit.


White painted boards are raised to allow wiring to

come through the pre drilled holes.


We have learned so much from the videos

other people have shared through TVC and YouTube. 







Another example of: