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August 18, 2020

My name is Lucy

and I write the Paper Glitter Glue blog for making

paper crafts and occasionally other stuff. My favorite

thing to make is little cardboard houses, also called

glitter houses or Putz Houses.

The word "Putz" is based on the German word "putzen"

to clean or decorate because the little houses were placed

around a creche at Christmas time as decorations.


I remember seeing the little Putz Houses in an issue of

Martha Stewart Magazine many years ago and couldn't

get them out of my mind. I was so struck by these beautiful

creations that I fell in love with the little houses and have

been making them for the past five years.


Remember when you were getting ready for the new

school year each fall, and you got supplies for the year?

Remember how you felt when you bought a new pad or

colored pencils? The new pad just screamed potential

to me. I still feel that way when I get new craft supplies.

That's the idea here - 

crafting excitement that is fun to make.




This PAPER Christmas Village house is inspired by a

beautiful old architectural style in Germany - called the

Half-Timbered Houses. It's a construction method found

throughout the world including  the Tudor houses in

England, but Germany is famous for its preservation of

this particular architectural style. There's even a 3000 km

tourist route called the German Timber-Framed Road

which has numerous cities and towns with examples of

these buildings.