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Day #18 . . . Seems things are getting very, very, close for the final weekend. Yes, every vote will be super important between now and Sunday midnight. Seems everything is up for grabs. After all, it is . . . (insert fanfare here) . . . 

Be sure to check back here for updates. As soon as I get a feel on when I'll be finished with everything, I'll post when the "Big Reveal" will be. So. are you finally going to vote? Will you be the reason one of these great Nominees will be inducted with the "Class of 2021" or leap in to the "Top Ten" and get honorable mention?

OK, stay safe. I'll do my best to have information for you as soon as possible.


Bill Channell




Day #17 . . . The final charge to the end. Yes, we're coming up to the final weekend as voting will end at midnight here (New York time zone) on Sunday, January 16th. Seems the final countdown has begun. Only four more days.

The competition for the top four is still raging with only five votes needed for the #5 to catch the #1. You just know this is going down to the wire. The challenge for the top ten is down to five votes also, with the #15 and the #24 in a heated contest. And less than twenty votes separate the #19, #11, #23, #9, #20, #6, #4, #2 and #7. Oh, my. What a year!

As previously mentioned, Thursday's recap will be the last one. Of course voting will continue through Sunday, but my time will be spent getting ready to announce when the unveiling of the final results will be, and a gazillion other things needed for the conclusion of festivities. Still continue to watch this space every day for updates.

Time to start thinking about calling your friends and getting your last votes in.

Stay safe and I'll see you tomorrow.

Bill Channell

-  30  -

There's still time to make a difference!




Day #16 . . . Thank you to all the new voters today. There's still a strong effort by the Fans of #1 and #5 as they jockey around the final spot in the top four. Wow, it's fun to watch this close a fight for a coveted spot.

Another interesting story is how the Fans of #3 have rallied in such force, to bring their favorite all the way up into the top ten (9th). They can be proud of their efforts. That bumped the #24 out of the top ten, but hanging on, oh so close. Can these fans rally also, and find the extra few votes needed to slide back in?

And . . . the #17 isn't that far behind the fray. One good day could put him back in the top ten also. That brings us to the #11, #19, #23, #20, #6, #9, #2, #4 and #7. My goodness! A couple of votes for any of them, will make a huge difference to their standings. C'mon villagers, find one you like, and give them a boost.


OK, that's a wrap . . . stay safe and we'll see you tomorrow.

Bill Channell

-  30  -





Day #15 . . . and the final week has commenced. The Fans of #18 have brought his total above a very impressive 300. A great show of support in only two weeks. In the "Clash of the Titans" (#1, #22, and #5)  their fans are propelling them back and fourth, trying to stay in the coveted "Top Four" slots. Seems this will be the battle to watch for this final week. Who will make the Class of '21? If you haven't voted yet, this could be the time to jump in. These are awesome videos and incredible displays, and you just might be the vote that determines it all.

At gatherings, conventions and meetings in the future, you can tell great and dangerous tales of how you sprained your thumb while shaping the future of villaging. Go ahead, live on the edge, VOTE!

Sure, the "Weekend Special" provided the incentive for new voters to jump in, but will you be daring enough to do it without an incentive? How will you explain your decision to your grandkids when they ask, "What did you do in the Great Final Week Affray" - can you truly look them in their inquisitive little eyes and say "I didn't vote, I needed an incentive".

Seems many others have picked up the gauntlet, met the challenge and voted. Yes, I'm sure you've noticed that we've passed the 2000 vote milestone today. Well, just in case you didn't, I point it out, because I appreciate your participation. The numbers show how much you recognize the effort taken in this one corner of the villaging world. Village Videos rise above and beyond the typical efforts, and enrich us all. Thank you Nominees. We salute you for providing us Inspiration, Information & Fun!

Seems the weekend awoke a sleeping tidal wave. Fans of #3 continue to rally and they have now placed their favorite Nominee only four votes out of the desired "Top Ten". Well done. It shows that there's still time to make your mark. Look how close it is from thirteenth on down. Plus, only twelve votes separate #20, #6, #2, #7, #9, #16 and #4. Don't say your vote doesn't count here! Yes, the final countdown has begun. Are you involved?

Please stay safe, I hear the internet isn't very good in the hospital. C'ya tomorrow.

Bill Channell

-  30  -


. . . and don't forget to tell your friends.




Day #14 . . . What a wild weekend! Thanks to everyone who answered the call to vote. I'm sure you've made a lot of villagers very happy. It's always a nice feeling to have someone pick your video. It will be interesting to see if fans can keep up the voting for the last week. Only seven days left. I challenge you to vote for your choices each day.


Thursday, January 13th, will be the last daily tally to be posted. However, voting will continue until Midnight, here at TVC "World Headquarters", (New York time), Sunday, January 16th. This will give me time to check my math, sort the valid ballots, make the final tallies, scream at the computer a few times, and prepare to post the final results in a big reveal. Everyone seems to like big reveals, so we'll see what we can come up with. The schedule says that will be by Thursday, the 20th, but it will probably be sooner. Don't worry, there will be plenty of notice ahead of time, here in this column. (As of now, I'm hoping for Tuesday the 18th, but we'll see how things go)

There's a tight battle for the top four, the top ten, and all through the field. Seems almost everyone moved up or down with the great weekend shuffle. I think the Fans of #3 were sleeping the first two weeks, but roared into today in full force, to move from the bottom of the pack up to the 12th slot, and are knocking on the top ten. Easily, the biggest move of any so far. Gotta love it when it all comes together. Should be an interesting week.

Stay safe, get your votes in, and I'll see you tomorrow.

Bill Channell

-  30  -





Day #13 . . . My, my, my. Nothing like a little incentive to bring out the Christmas spirit. Seems the "Catch Up" weekend special woke everyone up. Seems "Catch Up" was the blueprint of the day. Seems it succeeded.

Look how tight the standings have become in just one day. The top spot might have stayed the same, but everyone caught up a lot closer, and positions changed all through the field. For example, the Fans of #7 propelled him from twenty fourth to nineteenth! I can't wait to see where things stand tomorrow night as we charge into the final week.

Remember, the top four are inducted as the Class of 2021, and fifth through tenth positions are awarded honorable mention. Don't forget tomorrow/today (Sunday) is the remainder of the "Catch Up" Weekend. One more day to get in touch with that second-cousin-twice-removed that you never see, to get two more votes for your favorite video. Same as Saturday, any ballot with three selections (not two or one, but three) will count double. Yes, it will count two votes for each of your three selections. Any ballot without three choices will still count as a regular ballot, and as usual, submitting more than one ballot a day will have penalties. So, vote for your favorites and be doubly happy. You'll be on Santa's nice list and it's only 349 days until Christmas.

Stay Safe - I'll see you tomorrow.

Bill Channell

-  30  -




Day #12 . . . Ok, who's paying attention? This weekend, Saturday & Sunday will be special. As we start into the last week, here's a chance to catch up. In this unannounced special, "3 will getcha 2" -  all ballots with three selections will count double. Two votes for each of your three selections, both Saturday & Sunday. Let's shake things up a bit. BUT, this is the only place this is mentioned. It's up to you - call all your friends - just two days - Saturday & Sunday - "3 will getcha 2" !!!  If you read this, and take advantage of it, you can catch up, and start the last week with momentum. Remember, every ballot that has three selections on it, will count double. Of course, each person can only vote once on Saturday and once on Sunday, or else penalties can occur. It's the "3 will getcha 2, super bonus, TVC catch up, weekend"   Here's your BIG chance!  CATCH UP!

Stay Safe and I'll see you tomorrow.

Bill Channell

-  30  -


"3 will getcha 2"



Day #11 . . . It's mid-way time. Only ten days left to vote. A low vote turn-out today made a few interesting situations. First, there are no longer any ties above the last six places. But, this also means that positions are closer than ever. A couple of votes here or there can make a huge difference to some Nominees. This has the feeling of being ready to bust wide open during the last week. If you've been on the sidelines, now is the time to jump in. Voting is quick, easy and free. Have some fun, and you can become part of the Hall of Fame experience, plus here's the easiest chance you've ever had to make a difference.  Be someone special, and get on the "nice" list - vote!

Stay Safe and I'll see you tomorrow -

Bill Channell

-  30  -





Day #10 . . . OK, what's going on? The all-important top four are still the same. In the top ten, the standings remain the same, but there's an interesting battle for eighth. Since day four, the Fans of #15 and #17 have been challenging each other. Yesterday they voted their choices to a tie - can't get any closer than that. They all voted today, raised the vote totals for both, and they're still tied. What could possibly happen tomorrow? Look close at the videos - perhaps you'd like to join in with one of your three selections.

Meanwhile, in the 15th slot, the Fans of #4 have passed #8. They have had a wild ride so far, and I surely think this discussion is far from final. Also worth noting, #3 and #11 continue to be tied. Seems it might take a few more aunts and uncles to participate, unless you'd like to review the videos and help them out. The biggest mover of the day is #23, moving up three positions.

Into the belly of the beast time. We are now in the heart of the voting. Half way! Trends are starting to shine through - or are they? Will new voters arrive and change everything? Will current voters drop by the wayside and change everything? Will voters change their minds and have the results be rewritten? Will Santa show up on his way home and give everyone a present? Stay tuned to this same bat-channel to find out. Yes, things will continue, but how? It's up to you. Take another look at some of the videos. Even if you don't change your mind, they're still fun to watch.

Stay safe, and I'll see you tomorrow.

Bill Channell

-  30  -



Day #9 . . . Things picked up today, a little earlier than I expected. It's really cool to see the votes rolling in.

So, let's see what's happening. The zealous Fans of #18 have him still leading, but #21 has rallied his people to cut a bunch out of the lead, and has a solid grasp on second place. No battles currently for the remaining two induction places, as #22 and #5 have added a little breathing room. But, as usual, nothing is certain. 

The top ten is where to be if you wish honorable mention status. I think by the end of the week, this will be the major battle to watch. Seems that no positions have changed places all the way down to 16th place. The Fans of #4 have leapfrogged him over the #13, #3, AND the #11. That strong move deserves congratulations. Now the question for them is, can they keep it going. It won't take much to break into the coveted top ten.

While not actually passing the #15, the Fans of #17 have closed the distance and are now tied in that 8th place. Fun to watch things come alive as more votes come in. Fans of the #8 have closed the gap to only two votes behind the #20. Will tomorrow bring a change of places, or the gap widen again? Who will show up to vote. At the rate we're going now, we should pass the 1000 vote mark about 3:30 tomorrow afternoon.

As a side note, it's been said that every dark cloud has a silver lining. It seems a major winter storm in Virginia had an Interstate Highway so totally blocked with ice and accidents, that some people were stranded in their cars for 27 hours. After I heard that on the News, I realized that's probably why we picked up a bunch of new visitors from Virginia. Seems stranded in your car is a good time to "surf the web" (as they used to say) and what better place to wind up than The Village Collector. We're sorry you were stranded, but we're glad you found us. So, WELCOME, please stay and vote, and tell your friends about your discovery. After all, "When the road is icy, and driving is dicey, TVC's the place to be, and yes, of course, it's always free." OK, OK, can't expect much at 3am.

Stay safe, keep warm, and we'll see you tomorrow.

Bill Channell

-  30  -




Day #8 . . . Here we go, starting the middle-week stretch. Things got off to a good, but slow start, and finished the first week with only a little drama. Now, as we get into the second week, some village video fans, who have been on the sidelines, will start to vote, others will get tired (or, heaven forbid, get bored) and start to drop off the daily routine. A lot of fans will just cruise along, steady and true. If things happen as they have in the past, this will be the week that some standings will change, as the additional watchers/followers decide to get involved. I'm watching for things to begin to close up to a bit tighter race this week. Then, complacency dies out, and the flurry of activity will turn into pandemonium for the final week. Yes, village video fansthere are only two weeks left to make your favorites immortal.

We all know that anything on the internet goes on forever. So, until the end of time, there will be a record of what you did (or didn't) do. Since it seems that as long as there are people, there will be some form of internet. That means that YOU have the power to make someone immortal. By just clicking on a simple ballot, you can change the course of history, and ensure villaging goes on forever . . . Well, at least you have the power to make someone smile. It's up to you to decide who.

​Seems there are no changes (and no ties) in the top ten positions. However, Fans of #24, flying under the radar, have started their move. Nominee #24 has passed #9 AND #2 today, into a strong 11th and has sights firmly on a top ten slot. I think model railroad fans have found a hero. Movement has also started throughout the lower half of the list. I'm sure there will be a few surprises popping up there as well.

Once again, I'd like to cheer on those that feel the spirit and vote for three selections. Spread your power and spread the joy. And, of course . . . don't forget to tell your friends.

Stay safe and we'll see you tomorrow. Ciao.

Bill Channell

-  30  - 




Day #7 . . . Seems a day of inspired events. The New England Patriots won their "important" game with a score of 50 to 10! Only one more game to go before the playoffs and things are looking good. Definitely, the woods echoed a substantial amount of cheering sounds, here at the TVC "World Headquarters".

Excitement seems to have spilled over into The Village Collector Village Video Hall of Fame voting efforts. We've closed out the first week with the best turnout yet. Not only the most voters, but also the most votes. As the Christmas spirit spurred voters on, the kindness gene kicked in, causing many to start selecting three choices per ballot. Thank you so much. These Nominees deserve the extra recognition, and the better numbers are a great "Thank You" for sharing their awesome work. It's so cool we have such a great selection for the Class of 2021.

So, where are we? Well, we have our first triple digit vote total, with the Fans of #18 carrying their favorite to 120 votes. Wow, congratulations on such a great turnout. Totals for most, closed some gaps, and the increases made some battles even tighter. However, there were no changes in the order for the top eleven. The Fans of #9 brought their choice to tie the #24 for twelfth position, only a few votes out of the top ten. The good turnout seemed to help everyone, with increased numbers throughout all twenty four Nominees.

The international part of our community is holding their own, also. In the top ten, United Kingdom, Philippines and Netherlands are representing their respective countries well, with strong fan following. Plus, in the next five, there are three selections from Italy. It seems like a majority of voters are from the United States, so you can all be very proud of your pace in the standings.

One disappointment is the seven with "Unknown" locations. If you could contact us and share the state or country you're in, I'm sure many would be interested. Obviously, not required, but it's fun to see how villaging is the same everywhere.

Thanks to you all for sharing in this fun event. C'ya all tomorrow.

Bill Channell

-  30  -

Mack Jones, Rookie Quarterback,

is taking us to the Super Bowl.



Day #6 . . . The New Year is finally here in full force. The word must be getting around, because we had the largest number of votes so far. Thanks to all of you who helped spread the word. I still strongly believe if we can get a bunch of non-villagers here, there's a good chance that a few will return. A common theme I hear is, "I had no idea about any of this." It can start as easily as coming to vote for a friend or relative, something catches their attention, they start asking questions, and then they catch that "Porcelain Addiction" - slowly but surely. You know how it goes. You want to get just one building. But soon the burn starts, and you get a second, and it goes from there. Result? You now have another person to talk villaging with.

The Fans of #18 seem steadfast and determined to carry their favorite Nominee to the finish line. They show up in numbers every day, to keep their selection at the top of the list. (so far) Good for them, and congrats to Nominee #18 for activating the troops to add a core number of votes, that then add to other single random fans who choose his video. But, as in past years, nothing is set in stone. There are always footsteps behind you.

It must have been a successful New Year's Eve party for Nominee #21. It seems he must have talked villaging with a lot of party goers as a flock of new voters showed up today, and pushed him into the second slot, slightly ahead of #22. Perhaps Nominee #22 will start contacting a wider base to slide him back into second. This is surely heating up, and fun to watch.

There were a few more fans of #5 showing up, and they held off a charge by new fans for #1, but only by a slim margin. This will definitely be something to follow as #10 and #14 are also surging, with their sights firmly fixed on a top four finish, to make the Induction. Yesterday, #10 was within one vote of #14. Both had more votes than previously, with the result of them swapping positions, but still within one vote. Wow. Class of 2021 is going to be hard earned and very interesting.

A little further down the standings is coming alive as well. The Fans of #20 carried him over the #8 into 14th place. (just outside the top ten, and an honorable mention slot, by only three votes) Also, the fans of #11 moved their favorite past the #7 for nineteenth place.

As we close in on the end of week one, it seems all is going well. At least I'm having fun.  :)  Gotta love it when there's so much world-wide villaging taking place all right here. And there are two more weeks to go! January is no longer a "blah" month, as the fun keeps building.

Seems about time to wrap this up for tonight. Tomorrow brings our weekly Sunday brunch party. Kathy and I have been doing this for years, and I always look forward to it. Still seems strange that for the last two years or so, it's just been the two of us, but I'm starting to prefer it that way. Ahh, time marches on. Following that, it's time to cheer on our favorite football team, the New England Patriots in an "important game". Well, that's what they say, but really, aren't they ALL important. Think Positive! Life is good here at the TVC "World Headquarters" - as long as we don't dwell on the negatives.

Stay safe, and we'll see you tomorrow.  GO PATS!

Bill Channell

-  30  -




Day #5 . . . Wow! Happy New Year everyone. Hope you are all partying safely. In spite of the world-wide holiday, we had a good turn out of voters. Thank you for squeezing TVC into your schedule. I'm sure your selected Nominees appreciated the effort. While the Fans of #18 and #22 still head the field, from there on back it's only a vote or two between almost every Nominee. Amazing how so little help from a single vote, can make such a difference.

Well, you know how I like to ramble on, but it's after 3:30am now, and I think that will take care of tonight. I am SO ready for 2022 to take hold and wisk us away to fantasyland somewhere. Anywhere.

Stay Safe, and I'll see you tomorrow. Ciao.

Bill Channell

-  30  -




Day #4 . . . The early shuffle is on. Fans of #18 and #22 are still holding their favorites in the top two slots, but the scramble goes from there. Time to start waking up the cousins, (and get them to vote) because #14, #21, #1, #5, and #10 are only separated by three votes and shuffling for the coveted third and fourth spots. And, mid-pack is no run-away either, with #12, #17, #24, #2, #9, and #8 only three votes apart. Grandma, take your teeth out, this is getting exciting.

As we close out 2021, and look forward to a much brighter 2022, villaging seems to be gathering steam again and it's popularity is finally rising again. A bunch of exposure on television lately has sparked some interest. This is an opportune time to turn the conversation to villaging with non-villagers. A great chance to spread the word and perhaps along with that, recruit a new voter or two to help your favorite Nominee.

The holiday weekend is right around the corner now. Please stay safe, it's getting crazy out there. I think this will be a short effort tonight, so that's gonna do it for now.

C'ya tomorrow night . . .

Bill Channell

-  30  -




Day #3 . . . Another fun day watching things happen. Our largest number of voters yet, as we broke a hundred votes for the first time this year, bringing our total to 262 after three days. Thank you all for participating and supporting these awesome videos. We now have 11 Nominees in the double digits. Congratulations to them for a great start, and it's only day three.

I would suggest to ALL Nominees to encourage friends and family to check out your video and vote. No need to be embarrassed or shy here. We're all part of this awesome community, and cheer for each and everyone for sharing your love of villaging with us. You've made it this far, and should share in your accomplishments. Besides, if they tell THEIR friends, you'll rapidly move up the standings . . . a great helping of Christmas Cheer.

As I mentioned yesterday, a single extra vote can make a difference. Seems a lot paid attention, as positions were changing all through the standings. However, the fans of #18 and #22 continue to show up in force, and firmly control positions 1 and 2 (so far). The fans of #21 moved their selection into the third spot. The race to watch could easily be between #14, #1, #5, #10, and #15 as they debate the final Induction slot. Immortality doesn't come easily, but it IS reachable here at The Village Collector. The fans of the middle of the pack seem to be waking up, and creating a great shuffle for the top ten. Continued participation will definitely pay off.

Have you noticed that the love of villaging is the same all over the world. Perhaps it could lead to world peace. Well, at least it leads to smiles everywhere. While Christmas is over on the calendar, it doesn't have to be over in your heart. Hang in there - the new year is coming. Stay Safe, and I'll see you tomorrow.

Bill Channell

-  30  -



Day #2 . . . And so it continues. Everything seemed to go smoothly, life is good. However, a couple of voters never saw the results, or my efforts to share the behind-the-scenes look at things. So, I had fun trying to lay out the HoF pages in a more streamlined/organized way. Let me know if it's easier to follow what's happening. Subtle, but hopefully effective, changes should help.

I know it's only the second day, but a lot of changes are happening in the standings. Overall numbers are down a little, but things seem to be sorting themselves out, as different people show up to vote. However, the fans of #18 and #22 are still coming out to help their favorites stay in position 1 & 2. Fans of #1 are starting to appear, and have moved #1 into third place. This puts #5 and #14 tied for the final induction opening. Rally your friends to help this battle continue. At this stage, even one vote can make a difference. Last place is only five votes out of a top ten.  

I appreciate that all of today's ballots were good. Thanks to all of you for making things easier. At this point, I think there'll be a smaller turn out this year. Coupled with the late start and less voting days available, it will be hard to surpass the thousands of votes we had last year. The last rush of available videos, for the last selection posted in December, squeezed the late start, but I'm glad we were able to share the many videos we posted. What an awesome season of videos. Screening them was more fun this year. The variety and international diversity, along with the number available in 4K and 1080P, was really cool. Another factor is time. Last year we had 30 days to vote, but this year we've cut back to 21. Still, it should be picking up steam as word gets around. At least that's the way it went in the first two inductions. One surprise to me, is how many people come to the site, even watch some videos, but don't vote. It would be nice if they'd support the efforts of the Nominees, and vote to thank them for sharing so much villaging. But, as long as they're having fun, keep visiting.

Well, I guess that's a wrap for tonight. Stay Safe! and I'll C'ya tomorrow.

Bill Channell

-  30  -




Day #1 . . . another year is here. Outside of my nerves, things went pretty smoothly. The hardest thing for me, was trying to use a translation app to answer some questions. Guess I need a three-year-old on staff for the computer stuff. One thing that didn't need translation was my excitement when the first vote came in. Last year there was a big rush at midnight, so I turned on the link to the ballot early - 11:45 pm, Sunday night. Then sat and waited. This year we have potential voters in almost every time zone in the world, so I didn't know what to expect. By 2am with nothing in the in-box, I started checking things, testing things, checking things, testing things, and getting ready to hit the eggnog. Then 3am. By this time I thought I would be asleep with visions of sugar plum votes dancing in my head. Nothing. OK, let's see, it was Christmas weekend, and "there must be something I didn't prepare for. Time for bed, and try to figure things out when I wake up." Good move. First vote didn't arrive until a little after 6am. I'd be crazy by then if I had stayed up. When I went back on-line later, everything was going smoothly, votes were coming in, no blank ballots (we had a bunch last year) so I guess I explained how to vote a little better this year. Ahh, it was now Christmas again, life was good.

Note: I hand count and tally each ballot, and I appreciate those that use a valid email address (all good so far this year), and don't submit more than one ballot a day (oops), mark more than 3 choices (OK so far) etc. The kindness of those seemingly little things help a lot in the middle of the night. Thanks to all who were considerate on this senior citizen.

It seems some Nominees have wasted no time to get the word out and get friends (or co-workers) activated. You can tell your supervisors that work hours spent on TVC are good for the spiritual well-being, and are authorized with a note from the village.

The fans of #18 came roaring out of the starting gate, and wasted no time taking the lead. Fans of #22 and #14 are close behind.  There's a 4-way tie for fourth, and then everyone else is within two votes of each other. With four Inductions up for grabs this year, seems like we're in for a fun and interesting time. So, be sure to tell your friends to vote, support your favorite choices, and spread your Christmas joy to others, by using all three of your allowed selections. Imagine how it must feel to the Nominees who check the standings and see perfect strangers from all over the world have voted for them. You have the power to make someone extremely happy by just a click of the mouse. Exercise the power wisely - but be kind, and exercise it. 

Well, that's it for tonight. C'ya tomorrow.

Bill Channell

- 30 -



YOU do the voting.

And you can do it all over again tomorrow.

Be sure to "Tell Your Friends"



Thanks for Watching and Voting


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